This sustainable management Master’s degree program is an 18‐month cohort program completed in four consecutive semesters (including summer sessions) to earn 36 credits to graduate. Students who enroll in this M.A. in Leadership and Management degree program have the opportunity to earn a sustainable business degree from a university dedicated to making substantive positive changes in the world. After receiving their strategic management Master’s degree, graduates will be equipped to start or advance their careers or job performance—enabling them to develop their own perspectives and set of best practices that can evolve and be applied as needed in each work situation.

A strategic management degree from Saybrook University provides graduates with an understanding of business management that explores the interconnectedness of various systems and factors that directly or indirectly impact the surrounding communities as well as business outcomes. Saybrook’s sustainable business Master’s program sets itself apart from other schools in that it approaches the subject holistically, which is necessary to build the comprehensive understanding needed to achieve sustainable business goals.

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