Students who enroll in this Master’s in Management and Leadership program have the opportunity to study innovation management at a university dedicated to making substantive positive changes in the world. Through a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of various systems, graduates emerge with skills needed to align business objectives with those of their teams.

一区二区三区高清视频|国产女人 四虎www4hv|巨乳童颜 www,4hvGraduates of this innovative leadership program will be able to perform as cross‐cultural managers able to establish dynamic globally distributed organizational cultures, management practices, and collaborative workplace systems, incorporating:

  • Cultural sensitivity and global interdependence
  • Diverse human resources and collaboration processes
  • Human‐centric technology and information systems
  • Strategic knowledge management and innovative decision making
  • Organizational integrity and civic responsibility

Saybrook University’s innovation management Master’s specialization is an 18‐month, 36-credit lockstep cohort program that is completed in four consecutive semesters (including summer sessions). At the completion of this management Master’s program, graduates are awarded an innovation management degree that can be used to demonstrate their leadership capability for assisting for-profit, nonprofit, and government industries and agencies.

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