Through hands-on training at residential conferences and close mentoring from faculty with years of field experience, graduates of Saybrook University’s online Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology program will be prepared to bring about positive change through service and leadership.

一区二区三区高清视频|国产女人 四虎www4hv|巨乳童颜 www,4hvGoing beyond the mechanics of the body and brain, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. graduates learn to focus on a holistic view of their clients in a broader social and system context—directing their efforts toward the person-centered and interpersonal dimensions of psychotherapy that are at the heart of therapeutic effectiveness.

Saybrook University’s Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology degree program aligns with program requirements for professional licensure in the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Delaware, Hawaii, New York, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, where students may seek licensure after fulfilling all other state requirements.

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*Saybrook University’s  Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology program is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) but does not have programmatic accreditation by the American Psychological Association (A.P.A.) The hybrid online Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology program may not meet year-in-residence requirements of some state professional licensing boards/agencies. To be eligible, graduates should consult their individual state licensing/boards as there may be additional state specific requirements.

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